A campaign urging people to ‘speak up’ for an HIV-free generation by 2015.

Key task was creating the main artwork of baby protesters. Shots called for retouching, color correction, lighting and of course composing.

An Oddcast widget was used to bring the babies to life. Users were able to either choose an existing ‘protest’ message or enter their own which the baby would ‘speak’. This could be shared.

  • For The Mill, London
  • Type Art Direction, website, online

Homepage. Key Artwork and Design.

Closeup of key artwork.

Secondary Page. Artwork and Design.

A Before/ After example of the work carried out on the baby images (more examples of completed babies at the bottom). The success of the main homepage composition depended on the quality of this work, as our shots were pulled from various sources and thus had varying exposure/light/quality.